Arthritis reversal, the reality

The Real And Permanent Elimination

Sorry guys the news is all bad. The only way to get rid of arthritis is to get healthy. You want a total cure then cure the body of everything at the same time.

There are exceptions from this rule so if you are on long term medication or if you have had any body parts removed through accident or surgery. There is a special website coming for you.

If you are complete but riddled with ailments and pain and you really want to live a life, then you have no option but to get healthy. Sorry again and getting healthy means giving up almost everything you love eating for two to three months. Everything! But as it happens some of the stuff you will have to eat to get rid of arthritis will be quite tasty and will also get rid of diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Wow!!

So how the heck does that work.

Well fact is the body has a thing called a ph level. That is the indicator for the balance of acid and alkaline state of your body. Almost everyone has an acid balance and that is why so many people including most of your friends have disease. An alkaline body has almost no disease. Find someone with an alkaline body and ask them. Well if you can. Ph is not the cure to everything but it is a practical indicator of the health state needed to eliminate the disease.

So how do we get alkaline? first we give up all Sugar, processed foods and processed animal fats. We then have to live for two or three months on raw, uncooked foods only including fruits and vegetables and sprouted grains and nuts. Herbal mixtures and teas are also helpful in this time.

The good news is that for most people the time frame is only two months and for those with more established ailments, three months.

How come the time frame. Again fact is that in this time most of the body cells will have replaced themselves with healthy cells. Some cells replace themselves many times in this time.

So there is a myriad of websites you can visit which will tell you all this. Lots of information and proof. you just need to make the decision to go ahead. Oh and incidentally you will have to give up drinking alcohol and smoking for the duration of the detox.

So just to make it all a little easier we do have a mentor program operating which advises on all the foods available for the purpose and assists with the mental attitude necessary to complete the detox.

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